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We host events daily, with special events most weekends

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Hours & Weekly Events

We are open late four days a week. Any time we are open you are welcome to use our free gaming space!
M 11-5
T 11-9
W 11-9
T 11-9
F 11-9
S 10-6
S 11-5

MTG Draft @ 7
Board games club @ 7

MTG Cube @ 6
Warmachine & Hordes @ 7
D&D Encounters @ 6

MTG Standard @ 7
Warhammer 40K @ 6

MTG FNM (Standard) @ 7
Warmachine & Hordes @ 7

Warhammer 40K @ 1

Heroclix @ 12
X-Wing @ 12


Our Team

Michael Wibberley
Evil Genius
Michael started the Kingston Gaming Nexus in 1999. He never gets to play any games though. He wishes people would stop asking him what his favourite game is.
Ali Ryder
Mistress of Scheduling
Ali likes things to run smoothly. That’s why she encourages you all to bow down to our Chthonic overlords when the stars align. Really, it would be better for everyone.
Adam Pottier
Comic Book Guru
Adam came onboard with Nexus in 2015 and knows every comic book ever made. He also knows the ones that were never made. He has been to the timelines in which they were made.

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