2016 Warhammer 40K Team Championships

2016 Warhammer 40K Team Championships

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September 17, 2016 - September 18, 2016
9:00 am - 6:00 pm



Kingston Gaming Nexus
270 Bagot St.
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Cost: $0.00
Spaces: 4 remaining
Event Phone Number: (613) 546-2565

Event Description


Teams will be four players. Your team is registered once each of your team members has prepaid. We have to do prepay to ensure that people actually show up.

Entry fee is $40 per player which covers you for both days – cheapest two day tourney anywhere!!!!

Your team is capped at four players each – we will add more teams as more people sign up…(4 teams is pretty much the minimum required to run this thing) each player on the team brings a 1000 point list and you will be teamed up with each of your team members once during each day.

as an example:

Game one: Player A and Player B are a tag team, while Player C and D are another
Game two: Player A and C are a tag team, while player B and D are another
Game three: Player A and Player D are a tag team, while player B and C are another


The rule would be over the course of the tourney you’d have to play with each of the people on your team at least once each day.

Your TEAM plays another TEAM – captains roll off, loser has to put up the first pairing (but gets to pick the table!), countered by the winner of the roll off with their pairing, now the remaining pairing plays the remaining pairing of the other team.

The matchups now play one another and you total ALL the scores from the four games – this is your team score for the round!

Six rounds later, one team will be triumphant, and win the grand prize – Their team immortalized for all eternity on a trophy displayed at Kingston Gaming Nexus for all to bask in the glory of their victory!!!!!

Oh and there will be prizes… big prizes to be won in our traditional draw format… so everyone gets an equal chance to win!!!


6 games over two days – Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th

EACH of the book scenarios will be played… round one is scenario one… two is two… you get the idea…

EACH of the deployment types will be played twice…

The book scenarios are our primary objective, tertiary objectives are First Blood, Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord (pair nominates one of their HQ’s to be the team’s warlord for each game)





This event has space for 32. 28 bookings have been received, and 4 spaces are available.


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  • Shannon McLeod
  • Matthew McAdoo
  • Matt Mullen
  • Derek Figge
  • Jordan Racey
  • C Krstic
  • Lukas Duchaine

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