2021 40K Tag Team Tournament

September 18, 2021 - September 19, 2021
9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sold Out
This event is at maximum capacity.
Shannon McLeod

9:30 AM dice roll each day – store opens at 9 AM for registration and set up.

Teams will be four players. Your team is registered once each of your team members has prepaid either at Kingston Gaming Nexus or online at the Nexus website. We have to do prepay to ensure that people actually show up

Entry fee is $30 each player which covers you for both days. (so $120 for the team)

Your team is capped at four players each –  each player on the team brings a 1000 point list and you will be teamed up with each of your team members once during each day. As an example:

  • Game one: Player A and Player B are a tag team, while Player C and D are another
  • Game two: Player A and C are a tag team, while player B and D are another
  • Game three: Player A and Player D are a tag team, while player B and C are another

The rule would be over the course of the tourney you’d have to play with each of the people on your team at least once each day.

Your TEAM plays another TEAM – captains roll off, loser has to put up the first pairing (but gets to pick the table!), countered by the winner of the roll off with their pairing, now the remaining pairing plays the remaining pairing of the other team.

The matchups now play one another and you total ALL the scores from the four games – this is your team score for the round!

Five rounds later, one team will be triumphant, and win the grand prize – Their team immortalized for all eternity on a trophy displayed at Kingston Gaming Nexus for all to bask in the glory of their victory!!!!!

Oh and there will be prizes… big prizes to be won in our traditional draw format… so everyone gets an equal chance to win!!!

Army Construction

  • There are no restrictions as per who can ally with whom. If you have space marines and your team mate has daemons, it’s all good!
  • Any army can only be present ONCE on a given team. For example you cannot have two sisters players and two tyranid players on a team. Space Marine chapters are counted as distinct as long as they are not successor chapters of each other (ie: no salamanders + salamander successor, but you can have salamanders and iron hands on the same team).  If you choose to build a “soup” list – ie: csm + daemons – this would count as a selection from chaos marines AND daemons so no other person in your team could have either army.
  • Each team member must have a legal battleforged 1,000 point list. As for the rules under matched play a 1,000 point list can only have up to TWO detachments in it. Your individual army (so YOUR 1k) must follow the 50% on the table unit/PL rule – so you can’t have one teammate completely null deploy.  You also cannot have more than TWO copies of any unit which is not a troop choice or dedicated transport (as per FAQ)
  • Each game a team nominates one of their HQ’s to be the team’s warlord for each game that will count as slay the warlord, however each player has their own warlord that can ONLY affect their army.
  • Under strength units are not permitted.
  • Each 1k force has their own free relic and can choose to spend command points on more if they wish.
  • Command Points: You count as a separate 1k army so you personally have 6 to begin (subtracting for extra relics, detachments etc. from there. Once the game begins, the CP remaining is pooled and both players have access to it. Your TEAM gains 1 CP per turn, not each player.
  • Army lists do NOT have to be submitted beforehand.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to ensure that all lists are legal and correct.

Tournament Structure and Missions

5 games over two days – Saturday September 18th and Sunday September 19th. 9:00 AM doors open for registration.  9:30 dice roll.  Team captains must ensure their team is present and accounted for PRIOR to 9:30 for matchups. Each game is 2 1/2 hours long.

Day ONE:

  • Game one: 9:30 – noon
  • Game two: 1:00 – 3:30
  • Game Three: 4:00 – 6:30

Day TWO:

  • Game one: 9:30 – noon
  • Game two: 1:00 – 3:30
  • Awards and Prizes: 4:00

Missions will be used from the Chapter Approved 2021 Grand Tournament Pack. All missions used will be strike force missions as there will be 2k on each side.

Secondaries which are generic (ie: engage on all fronts) may be scored by both team members. Secondaries which are faction specific (ie: ancient machines) may be only scored by the player whose book this is taken from. In the case where both armies have access to a secondary (ie: blood angels and salamanders with the secondary “oath of moment”) the team must choose ONE of their team mates who is eligible to score this faction specific secondary. This prevents marine armies having an advantage that other pairings would not.


There is zero painting requirement for this tournament. You can be completely unpainted if you wish, however it’s only 1k and painted armies look better on the table, so do your best!

How Armies interact

You and your team mate are on the same side, but your warlord traits and psychic powers cannot affect your team mate. All opposing forces are “enemies” therefore a character cannot be targeted unless they are the closest “enemy”.  Your warlord only affects your individual army.  One of the warlord’s per side is declared the target for “slay the warlord” at the beginning of the game.

Your team mate – although not an enemy – is also not counted as a “Friendly unit” for the purposes of spells or other interactions (ie: Tau for the greater good ability).  Spells which solely affect an enemy unit (ie: death hex) still affects the enemy unit so both players may benefit from the unit having no invulnerable saves, however if there is a provision in a spell that “friendly units” benefit, it only affects the casting player’s army.

Local Meta, ITC points, prizes etc.

Friendly reminder for those out of town teams attending:

The Kingston meta is a little different than you may be used to in that we are generally of the mindset of friendly to “tough but fair” style lists. There are no ITC points given out for attending/winning. There are no prizes given out to placing high/winning the tournaments here. ALL prizes are draw prizes. You can lose every single game and still walk out with the biggest prize on the table. There is literally no incentive whatsoever in bringing those brutal netlists that you may see elsewhere at big GT’s or more “competitive” communities.

The primary goal here is that everyone has a fun time, win or lose. If you attend tournaments to win that’s perfectly fine, we all like to win! But win-at-all-costs is generally frowned upon here. I take the unconventional stand that it is your responsibility to ensure as much as possible that your opponent has a fun, challenging and friendly experience. That may not be everyone’s mindset, so I just wanted you to know WAY before hand that this is what is expected at Kingston Gaming Nexus tournaments.

What we have works for us, and if you’d like to experience THAT kind of tournament, then welcome aboard, we’re glad to have you! If that’s not your thing, no problem – there’s lots of tournies that cater to a different experience! I just wouldn’t want you to be disappointed when you arrive here and things are not to that ultra competitive mindset and you don’t find the GT level lists, ITC points and prizes for winning that you might have expected.

tough but fair… and fun

FAQ / Rules clarification:

Q – Can i use my command abilities on my team mates army if we are for example both playing a space marine chapter?

A – No, you and your teammate’s army cannot benefit from spells that target friendly units, command abilities, spells or other benefits.

Q – Are there points for hobby scoring as well as gameplay?

            A – There are points awarded for other “soft” scores such as sportsmanship, which is one of our more heavily weighted soft scores locally.

Q – Do auras like Guilliman’s work on allies? How about Tau’s “for the greater good?”

            A – No, you cannot affect your partner’s army in any beneficial way..

Q – If we both have fire prisms can we use the stratagem to fire his through mine?

A – No, you cannot affect your partner’s army in any beneficial way.

Q-Are there any restrictions on number of Lords of War units allowed?

A – No restrictions on numbers of LOW other than the point limit and limits per detachment.

Q: Can each teammate cast the same spell? So double warptime?

A: – each spell can only be cast once per team, with the exception of smite of course. The casting requirement for smite increases for each casting attempt regardless of which team mate casts it.

Q: Stratagems- Can each teammate use the same stratagems in the same phase?  Double reroll a dice stratagem in the same phase?

A: each stratagem can only be used once in the phase so no double CP reroll.

Q: How does it work if both teammates have a way to get command points back? Do they both get to roll or do you choose only one person to roll? For example if each can get a command point when their opponents uses a stratagem then do they both roll or just one?

            A: you share a command point pool, however if you have two ways of regenerating command points from different sources, then you can attempt them both (ie: Tau 6+ and Imperial Guard 5+) but can only be successful ONCE. (so if the tau player rolls his 6+ AND the guard player their 5+ they only get the one CP back, not double the CP!)

Q: Are relics unique? In other words can teammates with the same army take the same relic? Are warlord traits unique or can teammates take the same warlord trait?

            A: relics are unique per team. Warlord traits only affect your own 1k force so can be duplicated.


To be as safe as possible during these unprecedented times, all participants are asked to adhere to the following rules:

  1. All players wishing to use the play area must abide by all public health orders at all times while inside Kingston Nexus.
  2. New! All players wishing to use the play area must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival.
  3. All players must wear a face covering.
  4. All players must sanitize their hands upon entrance to the play area. We also recommend sanitizing your hands frequently while inside our play area. Hand sanitizer and paper towels will be provided.
  5. All players must attempt to practice physical distancing to the extent that it is possible while in the play area. We recommend always staying on the opposite side of the table from your opponent.
  6. All players wishing to use the play area must register and provide their full name, email address, and phone number. This is done at the request of KFL&A Public Health to assist with contract tracing related to COVID-19.
  7. Capacity is limited so that we can all play our favourite games as safely as possible.
  8. All tables must be reserved in advance; drop-ins are not permitted. There is no cost to reserve a table, but we ask that you limit yourself to 1 table per week, so that others may also enjoy the space.
  9. Players will be assigned a table and a time slot. Please do not enter the play area before your time slot, or approach any table other than the one you are assigned to.
  10. When you are finished with your game(s), please leave the play area as quickly as possible. You may certainly socialize with the other players, but we encourage you to do it outside.
  11. No food is permitted in the play area. If you get hungry, please leave Nexus and eat outside.
  12. No spectators are permitted. Note that you are also considered a spectator if you have a table reserved and your game ends early and you hang around to see how the next table over is doing.
  13. No shared game pieces are permitted. Similarly, while in the play area, you may only touch any game pieces (i.e. dice, cards, figurines) that belong to you. If you are playing a game that might normally involve you touching another player's pieces, we suggest that you simply instruct them to perform the action on your behalf. Please bring your own dice, cards, measuring tapes, and whatever else you might need for the game you are intending to play. We will not be lending out dice or measuring tapes, and we ask that you do not borrow your opponent's.

Event Format


Pairing system used: Swiss
What are the pairing systems?

A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format that features a set number of rounds of competition, but considerably fewer than that of a round-robin tournament. In a Swiss tournament, each competitor (team or individual) does not necessarily play all other entrants. Competitors meet one-on-one in each round and are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure that each competitor plays opponents with a similar running score, but not the same opponent more than once. The winner is the competitor with the highest aggregate points earned in all rounds. All competitors play in each round unless there is an odd number of players.


Prizes awarded: Door prizes
What is your prize policy?
Door Prizes

We strive to ensure that all participants find our tournaments enjoyable. We believe that this means an egalitarian prize distribution structure. That means that no matter how well or poorly you do at one of our tournaments, you’ll still have an equal chance to walk home with a prize!

At the end of each tournament, participants are all given some draw tickets, which they can put in the corresponding box for a prize they would like to win. Depending on the amount of prize support and the number of participants, we may have 5-10 prizes, ranging in price and variety. We will randomly draw one ticket to win each prize! However, it’s up to you how you want to allocate your tickets – you may have a harder chance winning the prize that everyone else wants. Note that prizes are not eligible for exchange or a cash refund – we suggest you put tickets in the box of something you actually hope to win.

Prize Support

Our philosophy at Kingston Nexus is that we want to run excellent tournaments with great prize support. We don’t have any costs associated with renting a venue, therefore, we are able to turn 100% of the ticket price into prize support. For example, if we run a Warhammer 40K tournament with 20 attendees and each attendee pays $20, that’s $400 of prize support. Actual prizes will be chosen by the tournament organizer from Nexus’ available inventory. For special prize requests, the tournament organizer should be in touch with Kingston Nexus well in advance of the tournament to ensure that they are available for the tournament.

Some tournaments already have prize support built in (eg. X-Wing tournament kits, Magic: The Gathering prereleases). The cost of any such tournament kits or supplies will be deducted from the total prize pool available for door prizes. So for example, if $400 were taken in from entry fees but there is a $50 tournament kit being used, the remaining $350 would be available for door prizes.


Kingston Gaming Nexus
270 Bagot St.
Kingston Ontario K7L 3G5
(613) 546-2565


total spaces
booked spaces
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What's your policy on registration?

For the majority of our events, we have enough space for everyone who wants to play! That being said, we appreciate it when people register in advance, so we know how many people to expect, which helps us ensure that we have enough prize support, staffing, and tables for the event.

Insufficient Interest

If there aren’t enough people who have expressed interest in an event in advance, the event may be cancelled if it is not viable to run. The exact number of participants required may vary with the event (for example, if there is a $50 prize kit, we would need to sell at least $50 worth of tickets for the event to be viable), but for most tournaments, our minimum number of participants is 6. In the event of insufficient interest, the event will be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice given to all participants, and full refunds will be issued to all who have prepaid.

Sold Out Events

We do have a limited amount of space, and sometimes we don’t have enough room for everyone who would like to attend. In these cases, spaces will be given, in order, to those who have prepaid for the event. In other words, if you want to guarantee yourself a spot, you will need to pay in advance. If you register in advance but do not prepay, your spot will be reserved until 15 minutes before the event, at which point (if you have not showed up for the event and still have not paid) you could lose your spot in the event.


If you register for an event and prepay in advance, but later find out you cannot attend, if you give us at least 24 hours notice before the start of the event, we are happy to give you a refund in the form of store credit equal to the value of the ticket price. However, except in special circumstances, we are unable to issue refunds if you simply miss the event.

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