Are We the Champions Warmachine / Hordes Tournament

Are We the Champions Warmachine / Hordes Tournament

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April 15, 2017
9:30 am - 6:00 pm



Kingston Gaming Nexus
270 Bagot St.
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Cost: $0.00
Spaces: 26 remaining
Organiser: Agatha Dobosz
Event Phone Number: (613) 546-2565

Event Description

Champions is a more limited format, where you play warcasters/warlocks from a rotating list of 4. The casters for this season are:

  • Cygnar: Darius, Jakes, Maddox, Kraye
  • Menoth: Durant, Harbinger, Malekus, Testament
  • Khador: Kozlov, Strakhov, Malakov, Old Witch
  • Cryx: Agathia, Deneghra2, Gaspy2, Aiakos
  • Ret: Elara, Thyron, Helynna, Garryth
  • CoC: Aurora, Mother, Axis, Syntherion
  • Mercs: Macbain, Magnus2, Ossrum, Cyphon


  • Trolls: Grim1, Doomy2, Horgle, Ragnor
  • Circle: Morvahna1, Mohsar, Una, Tanith
  • Skorne: Mordikaar, Naaresh, Zaadesh, Xekaar
  • Legion: Kryssa, Fyanna, Kallus, Saeryn
  • Minions: Rask, Jaga-Jaga, Helga, Sturm & Drang

The tournament will be 2 list, D&C 1. The 2nd list is optional if you want to just play one! Painting not required. Standard Deathclock. Proxies will be allowed for casters on the list that have not been widely released yet, but make sure they’re obvious, reasonable, and your opponent knows who it’s supposed to be.



This event has space for 32. 6 bookings have been received, and 26 spaces are available.


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  • Closs
  • Paul Campbell
  • Tyler/Mike Cranston
  • Ben Carver
  • Alain Wright
  • Zach Matheson

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