Warhammer 40K 2015 Secret Santa Tournament

Warhammer 40K 2015 Secret Santa Tournament

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December 5, 2015
9:30 am - 6:00 pm



Kingston Gaming Nexus
270 Bagot St.
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Cost: $0.00
Spaces: 9 remaining
Event Phone Number: (613) 546-2565

Event Description

This is a friendly 40k tourney – ie: a great entry for new/returning players focused on fun!

1500 points

This is a NO superheavy or Gargantuan Monstrous creature event. (not even a knight, sorry!)

December 5, 2015 at Kingston Gaming Nexus

Dice roll at 9:30 AM

3 games

Entry: You MUST bring a wrapped gift worth approximately $10 – it’s wrapped because it’s actually a secret santa event, where at the end of the day you get to pick a prize from the gift table in addition to the other prizes available. In addition to the wrapped gift there is also a $10 entry fee (so you’re looking at $20 cost total for the tourney between the gift and entry fee)


Painted armies look awesome on the table! We’re trying for a 50% minimum painted for this event (in preparation for our fully painted club championship in February!). If you can’t make 50%, try your best at least k? we don’t want to have this be a barrier to entry so if it’s completely unachievable, let me know close to the event and we’ll try to sort something out.


Total Rank Name Score Award
1 Derek D 33 Most Metal Boxes
1 Justin M 33 Most Brooding Dark Angels
3 Jordan V 29 Darkest Ravenwing
4 Jordan R 22 Best Vespids
4 Matt Mc 22 Bluest Army Ever
4 Tom W 22 Girliest Army
7 Jason L 21 Most Stormravens
8 Andre L 20 Best Venoms
8 Dan A 20 Krumpiest Trukks!
8 Guy L 20 Most Void Shields
11 Alissa Mc 18 Prettiest Eldar
11 Justin C 18 Darkest Eldar
11 Nathan M 18 Coolest Wraithlord
14 Colin K 15 Biggest Necron Phalanx
14 Eric M 15 Coolest Power Armour
16 Lukas D 14 Best Riptide
16 Randy C 14 Prettiest Chaos
18 Gord M 12 Marooniest Eldar
19 Keegan R 11 Goldest Necrons
20 Chris McD 10 Most Guard (Alive and Dead)
20 Lance E 10 Most Christmasy Drop Pod
22 Dillon O 8 Orangest Kroot
22 Rob E 8 Spikiest Chaos
24 AK 7 Fewest Models on the Board on Turn One
25 Fraser S 5 Angriest Chaplain
25 Matt Mu 5 Preachiest Chaos



This event has space for 30. 21 bookings have been received, and 9 spaces are available.


Confirmed Unconfirmed
  • Matthew McAdoo
  • Jordan Racey
  • Alissa McDonough
  • Eric Morrin
  • Shannon McLeod
  • Matt Mullen
  • Randy Cavanaugh
  • Jason Leclair
  • Lukas Duchaine
  • ChrisMcD
  • Nathan Murphy
  • Justin Carreiro
  • Lance Eves
  • Dillon Oostrom
  • Samoth Eves
  • Keegan Rae
  • Dan Anderson
  • Andrew Keast
  • Fraser Strong
  • Jordan

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